Match – Series Vsetín 25-27.9.2020

Match Vsetín 25-27.9.2020 is CANCELED due to negative development of Coronavirus epidemic

Venue and dates

  • The match takes place at ZVI Vsetin shooting range (GPS 49°10´45.30´´ N ,  18°7´33.152´´ E) in Střelná village (google maps).
  • Training 25.9.2020
  • Main match 300m, 500m, 800m 26.9.2020
  • Complementary match 1000m 27.9.2020

Accommodation and logistics

  • Competitors arrange the accommodation on their own. There are many guesthouses in the neighboring villages.
  • The lunch on the main match day is provided at the range and it is included in the registration fee.

Rules and procedures

  • The match is open in F-class/Open, F-class/TR, SniperTactical, SemiAuto categories. Each category is evaluated separately.
  • The general national rules are applied.
  • Course of fire for F-class/Open and F-class/TR
    • 4 minutes of preparation time for shooter
    • strings at individual distances of triathlon are fired in a sequence one by one
    • at each distance
      • 3 sighters in 2 minutes
      • targets will be patched by contrast spotting marks to show the positions of sighters
      • 1 minute for correcting the sights
      • string of 10 record shots in 7 minutes
  • Course or fire for SniperTactical and SemiAuto
    • 4 minutes of preparation time for shooter
    • no sighters
    • all triathlon distances are shot at one string at shooters discretion
    • string on 10 record shots at each distance in the total time of 25 minutes
  • Course of fire during training obeys a similar procedure with the following differences
    • F-class/Open and F-class/TR
      • at each distance 3 sighters in 2 minutes and 5 training record shots in 4 minutes
    • SniperTactical and SemiAuto
      • all distances in one string 3×5 training record shots in 12 minutes
  • Competitor is allowed to have only exact number of rounds on the firing point for a given course of fire. In the case of ammunition malfunction, Range Officer decides about the steps taken.
  • The match is a competition of individuals. Competitor on the firing point, during or in-between the shooting strings, must not receive any information or coaching (e.g. about sight corrections or shot position on the target) from other competitors or observers.
  • Commands and safety rules
    • Command on the firing point are given by Range Officer.
    • Rifles are allowed to taken out of the case only on the firing point and only on an explicit command. The rifle must aim only to target area.
    • Action bolt must kept open in the rear position with the safety flag in the chamber. The safety flag may be removed and the bolt closed only upon the “load” command. After ceasing the fire and anytime during the course of fire when the competitor is not in a physical contact with his rifle, the bolt must be open in rear position and the safety flag must be in the chamber.
    • The command (“Příprava se zbraní”) “Preparation time with firearm” indicates the beginning of 4 minute preparation time, when the competitor may take the firearm out of the case and prepare his shooting position.
    • The command (“X nábojů jednotlivě nabíjet”) “Single load X rounds” allows to remove the safety flag and load the firearm. SniperTactical competitors may single load or load from the magazine. SemiAuto competitors load from the magazine.
    • The command (“Na terč T, X ran v čase M minut pálit”) “Target distance T, X rounds in M minutes time, commence fire” allows shooting.
    • The command (“Palbu zastavit, k prohlídce zbraň”) “Cease fire, the firearm for inspection” commands immediately cease the fire, open the bolt to rear position, and insert the safety flag.
  • Scoring criteria
    • Triathlon (300/500/800m) (1) sum of the points, (2) sum of the “X”, (3) average group size in MOA
    • Individual distances (300, 500, 800, 1000m) (1) number of points, (2) number of “X”, (3) group size in MOA
  • Rules for cross-fires and procedure for protests
    • Cross-fires and protests are resolved by Match Officer. A deposit 500CZK is required.


  • Registration opens on 11.7.2020 (12:00) and ends on 21.9.2020
  • Maximum numbers of competitors and squad schedule
    • total maximum number of competitors is 42
    • squads will be opened sequentially depending on the enrolled ones
    • the squad scheduling into the time slot will be done after the registration closure
    • Match Organizer may change the final squad/position of the competitor, if this is required for match time-planning efficiency
  • Registration procedure and conditions
    • Competitor can register into arbitrary number of categories. Each registration is performed separatelly.
    • The main match (300/500/800m) and the complementary match 1000m are registered separately.
    • The registration fee
      • main match including training 1800 CZK
      • complementary match 400 CZK
    • The registration procedure involves
      • competitor’s data
      • firearm data
      • category selection
      • squad and position selection
      • instruction for bank transfer payment
      • invitation for foreign competitors. After the payment is received, you can download that from your account page. You must have your account created.
  • (!) The payment must be done no later then 10 days from the registration and no later then on 23.9.2020. Competitors failing to do so will be removed from the match and their selected squad and position will be released for others.
  • There is no need to create an user account on the server to make the registration. All data will be provided during the registration procedure. However, account creating gives you a number of advantages.


  • Continuously updated list of enrolled competitors and training and match schedule.


  • Match results

Match administration

  • Restricted access for Match Officer (in Czech language only)

Contact on Match Officer