Matches in 2020

List of match series directly supported by this server. Vsetín

F-class match (300/500/800m, 1000m) organized by ZVI Factory shooting team in a collaboration with ZVI a.s.

  1. (CANCELED) F-class Vsetín 20-22.3.2020
  2. (CANCELED) F-class Vsetín 19-21.6.2020
  3. (CANCELED) F-class Vsetín 25-27.9.2020

Reloader Cup

Reloader Cup is shooting competition of mid-range F-class (300-500m) supported by

  1. (CANCELED) Reloader Cup 24-25.4.2020
  2. Reloader Cup 22-23.5.2020 (the registration will be opened on 8.5.2020 10:00)
  3. Reloader Cup 19-20.6.2020 (the registration will be opened on 3.6.2020 10:00)
  4. Reloader Cup 18-19.9.2020
  5. Reloader Cup 16-17.10.2020

Results of the whole series

Other matches in 2020

Here are some links to other interesting matches of similar profile in Czechia and abbroad.