Oprava chyby v národních pravidlech (An error correction in the National Rules)

V národních pravidlech byla opravena chyba. V sekci 2.3 (F/TR) 1. bod byly vypuštěny chybně uvedené povolené podpory předpažbí “rest, bag”. Aktuálně zveřejněná verze 2020.1.1 pravidel má tuto chybu opravenu.

An error in the National rules was corrected. In Section 2.3 (F/TR) 1st bullet point, wrongly stated allowed foregrip supports “rest, bag” were removed. The current published version 2020.1.1 of the rules has this error corrected.

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  1. admin-lr-master

    Dear Marko,

    the target size is generally defined in https://www.lr-master.cz/?page_id=2175 section 7, i.e. 10-ring = 1MOA, X-ring = 0.5MOA.

    Actual targets’ precise dimensions (and coloring) slightly differ season-by season and/or by series of matches and it depends on the decision of the organizer. All targets are always presented on the briefing before the match.



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